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Airport Security X-ray Baggage/Luggage Scanner

Airport Security X-ray Baggage/Luggage Scanner

X-ray Baggage Scanner GS100100B GS X-ray baggage and parcel inspection systems are especially designed to meet the main security requirements of airports, customs facilities, carriers, border crossings, ports, logistics centers and parcel services. Dual-energy baggage scanners allow the...


X-ray Baggage Scanner


GS X-ray baggage and parcel inspection systems are especially designed to meet the main security requirements of airports, customs facilities, carriers, border crossings, ports, logistics centers and parcel services. Dual-energy baggage scanners allow the identification of weapons, explosives, drugs, fuses and other dangerous objects that are considered as a safety hazard.

Our rugged, weatherproof X-ray screening products provide inclusive environment screening for military, stadiums, and event security.

X-ray Baggag Scanner GS100100B Product highlights

* Multilingual operation

* Automatic built in test and self diagnosis

* Secure access Key 

* Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)

* Threat alert and material classification

* Auto archiving

* Network-Ready

* Energy saving design

* One key turn off

* Drugs and explosives inspection

* Indication of the date and time 

* baggage counter

X-ray Baggage Scanner GS100100B Physical Specifications

Unit weight (kgs)


Unit size (mm)


after packed in wooden pallet -

Gross weight (kgs)


Packing size

#1: 287*142*213cm

#2: 113*89*142cm

X-ray Baggage Scanner GS100100B General Specifications

Tunnel size(mm)


Conveyor Speed(m/s)


Conveyor height(mm)


Conveyor Max Load(kgs)


X ray dose per each inspection

1.0 μGy

X ray leakage

<0.15 μGy / h


43mm steel

Wire Resolution

dia 0.0787mm copper wire (AWG40)

Penetration Resolution

dia 0.127mm copper wire (AWG34) under three-step aluminum wedge 9.5mm,15.9mm, 22.2mm

Spatial resolution:

Horizontal:dia1.0mm,Vertical: dia1.0mm

Power Consumption

max. 1KW


< 58 dB

Film Safety

Guarantee ASA/ISO1600 Film

X-ray Baggage Scanner GS100100B X‐ray Generator (single)

Anode Voltage

140 KV

Anode power


Generate angle

80 degree upward

Generate direct

from top to bottom

Cooling / Duty Cycle

Oil Cooling /100%


made by ourself

X-ray baggage Scanner GS100100B Image System

X-ray Sensor

L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-energetic) , 12bit Deep

Image Display

High resolution of 1024 * 1280 pixel; Image Grey Level: 4096

Image Enhancement

1-64times enlargement continuity, Color/BW, negative, high/low 

penetration, organic /inorganic Stripping, general enhancement, and 

pseudo color, etc.

Image Recall

All preceding images recallable, retrieval

Explosives & Narcotics Detectio

Explosives & narcotics alarm and highlight according to atomic number signature

High Density Region Alarm

Impenetrable region alarm and highlight, for possible concealing of threats and contrabands

Threat Image Projection

Inserting fictional, but realistic images of threat items into baggage during screening operation, for maintenance of vigilance, as well as 

training and assessment of image identification capability

Image Archive

Up to 100,000 images stored automatically, enable transferring to USB disk, and converting to JPG, BMP and other general formats

Miscellaneous Functions

Time/date display, counters, user management, system-on/X-ray-on timers,power on self test, built-in diagnostic facilities, dual-direction scanning,system log, system standby and stimulant training, ADS etc.

Network Applications

Multiple remote applications available based on Ethernet LAN and windows platform, such as image centralized storage and identify, recheck workstation, and network TIP, etc ( Optional) .

Images process

24bit real time processing ,4colors analysis, Images displayed marked date and ID NO ,Count the number of bags

X-ray Baggage Scanner GS100100B Operating Environment

Operation temperature/Humidity

0℃-45℃/ 5%-95%(non-condensing)

Storage Temperature/Humidity

-40℃to 70℃/ 5%-95%(non-condensing)

Operation Power

220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz (Optional: 100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC)


15mins, 30mins, 60mins etc, optional

X-ray Baggage Scanner GS100100B Computer and other


High Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 17inch

Hard Disk

SEAGATE 500G 3.5”


G1610 2.6G


2GB 1600MHz DDR3 Innodisk

Main board

H61 SYM76993VGGA

X-ray Baggage Scanner GS100100B Compliance


* ISO19001 ; ISO14001 ; OHSMS18001 ;

* CE


* Maximum X-ray leakage of less than 5 μSv/h(0.5mR/h) measured 

at 5cm from any external surface. (European standard - less than 

1 μSv/h(0.1mR/h) measured at 10cm from any external surface)

National (China)

* Health Inspection Report

* Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate

* Software Product Registration Certificate

* Radiation Safety Certificate from Ministry of Public Security

* Quality Certification from Safety and Police Electronic Products Quality Inspection Center

* Design pantent certification: Patent No. : 201020700245.2 ; Patent No. :

201020700245.8 ; Patent No. : 201020700256.0

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