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Hydraulic Automatic Road Block Spike Road Blocker Hydraulic System

GS ROAD BLOCKER SERIES ROAD BLOCKER/RISING KERBS GS112 Product Description The GS Series of rising vehicle/Road blockers are designed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from crashing through controlled entry and exit points. Provide effective traffic control where other conventional barriers are...




Product Description

The GS Series of rising vehicle/Road blockers are designed to prevent unauthorized vehicles from crashing through controlled entry and exit points. Provide effective traffic control where other conventional barriers are unable to provide an adequate deterrent. 

Built for fast reliable and efficient operation, these barriers are capable of withstanding high impact loads and are ideally suited for installation at toll collection booths where normal traffic is controlled by high speed boom gates.

Ideal for maximum security sites such as Government installations, Royal palaces, Military bases, Police stations, Embassies, Airports etc. Stops all unwanted traffic. Blockers are available up to 3.5m long with rising heights of between 350mm to 500mm

Visual surveillance is recommended during the operation of the barrier.

Functions and Features

Strong and durable structure, great capacity of weight bearing;

Stable movement, low noise;

Workable in bad weather environment;

Adopting low hydraulic pressure driving measure, few failure happening, dependable and long serving life;

Simple and easy maintenance;

Compatible with other controlling facilities to achieve automatic control;

Manual operation mode can be used in power off or accidental cases; the raised gate plate can be put back to its horizontal position by manual operation.

Main hydraulic components are imported well-known products, which ensure the dependable quality and long serving life.

The barrier front face is formed by curved plating closed at both ends, white enamelled with chevron-shaped red reflecting stripes, which encloses the mechanism.

Metal frame sealed into the concrete pit.

Hydraulic power unit (not presented on the illustration), to be placed separately from the Road Blocker, containing:

- motor,

- hydraulic pump,

- oil accumulator,

- oil tank,

- filter with plug and oil gauge,

- hydraulic valves,

- manometer,

- pressure regulator and security valve,

- Push button box (open - stop - close).

Technical Parameters

High strength restrictors to protect the hydraulics from damage.

Carrying capacity:≤120 tons

Voltage: 380V or 220V (optional)

Power consumption: max. 1.5 kW

Rising part height: 300mm ~ 750mm (optional)

Standard rising and lowering times: between 3 and 5 seconds.

Hydraulic oil type:45#hydraulic oil or Anti-Freezing oil

Working Environment Temperature:-20℃—+55℃

Emergency manual override system for use in the event of a power failure.

Compatible with all types of access control and safety systems.

Fully galvanised frame and blocker unit with painted finish.

IP65 rated control panel housing.

100% Duty Rated

Removable structure to facilitate installation and maintenance

In case of power off, the barrier can be manually down.

With temperature surveillance and automatic compensation function which can

ensure systems work normally in low temperature.

With infrared protection function to avoid the barrier rise up wrongly when there is objects on it (optional)

Nails (optional) and traffic light (optional)

MCBF (Mean Cycles Between Failures), when

respecting recommended maintenance: 1,500,000

Exterior Structure

Main composing

Hydraulic road barrier is composed of main machine, hydraulic driving system, and electric control system.

Main machine is composed of driving unit and balancing unit, etc., put on the passageway of vehicles; the moving gate plate is even with the road surface.

The hydraulic driving system is composed of 3-phase motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil cylinder, assembled valve parts, oil box, and pipelines, etc. This system shall be installed at the place easy to operate of maintenance.

Electric control system provides the power to hydraulic driving system and controls the working status of electromagnetic commutating valve. This system can use the special electric control box made by our company, or use other box according to overall control system and control mode the user has selected and set. The electric control box shall be installed at the place easy to operate, keeping away from rain and wet. It needs a good earthling.



- Additional LED traffic light.

- Post to install traffic light(s)

- Longer hydraulic hose: 10 or 15 m.

- Vehicle loop detector with inductive loop


Work to be provided by the customer

- Power supply to the control unit.

- Electrical connection wiring between the control unit, the hydraulic power unit, the traffic light(s)

- Reinforced concrete pit with rainwater drainage and fixing frame installation (3)

- Installation of hoses between the pit and the power




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