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Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Guidance System

Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Guidance System

Parking Guidance System What is Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System? Parking Guidance System General Description Ultrasonic parking guidance system provides visual indication to driver while searching for a vacant parking spaces: ultrasonic sensor at each space monitors real-time occupancy and...


Parking Guidance System

What is Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System?

Parking Guidance System General Description

Ultrasonic parking guidance system provides visual indication to driver while searching for a vacant parking spaces: ultrasonic sensor at each space monitors real-time occupancy and reports by changing color of individual lighted space indicator. A green light signifies that the space is vacant while a red light indicates that the space is filled or already occupied. At the meantime, availability information will be accordingly updated on decision point signs. No more guess work for the driver as to which parking level has available spaces for parking.

GS Parking Guidance System (GSPGS) is a ideal solution to show unoccupied parking space, and guide parkers to quickly park in no time. Typically installed at shopping mall,airport,hospital,office building, residential community etc., PGS is composed of Ultrasonic Sensor, Bay LED Indicator, LED Display, Data Collector, Center Processor, Software & accessories. 


GS Smart Parking Guidance System is an intelligent and intuitive parking guidance system that ensures visitor traffic at the shopping centre flows smoothly even on the busiest days, so you can fill your parkade down to that very last bay, increasing shoppers in the centre by up to 15% at peak times. 

How does it Works?

1st Layer: Data Acquisition

Ultrasonic sensor at each space forms system foundation. It detects parking status and reports to system contraller on R485 Bus.

2nd Layer: Deta Process&Transmission

System controller processes data acquired form ultrasonic sensor, update real-time information to associated signage, reports to upper layer on CAN Bus.

3rd Layer: Data Analysis

Host management software analyzes data and generates statistic reports. Browser-based architecture allows remote access to system

Parking Guidance System Diagram

Parking Guidance System Beneifts

GS Smart Parking Guidance System will change the way your shoppers experience your centre as it helps them park quicker by creating a better flow of traffic, getting more people shopping faster.


Only GS Smart Parking Guidance System guides drivers to available parking spaces. Our software continually analyses the parking occupancies and applies sophisticated algorithms to ensure vehicles in flux move freely and do not cause unnecessary congestion. This is achieved by setting “frustration factors” that automatically close off levels when they are “full” when compared to other levels, encouraging drivers to park on the quieter levels. Directional arrows and bay monitoring sensors provide visual cues, so the vehicle congestion is reduced and customers can move into the shopping centre sooner. By parking quicker they have more time to spend shopping in the centre.


GS Parking Guidance system can even sense when vehicles are milling about on a level looking for parking and direct new arrivals to levels where more parking bays are available.

You can customise the system in many ways including; integrated counting solutions, flexibility in installation, comprehensive reports and the ability to interface with 3rd party equipment.


Why GS Parking Guidance System?

Instantly pinpoints available parking spaces

Eliminates Driver frustration

Ensures an eco-friendly facility

Stops congestion

Reduces illegally parked vehicles

Eliminates meandering


And as a result:

Establishes a reputation for convenient and efficient parking.

Creates a loyal customer base.

Improves your sales revenues and profitability as a result of a happy experience.


More Benefits for GS Parking Guidance System : 

GS Intuitive Parking Guidance

= Changes The Way Your Shoppers Experience Your Centre

= Quicker Parking Through Better Traffic Flow

Fill Your Parkade Down To The Very Last Bay!

Cost effective and flexible installation

Cost effective industry standard RS-485 bus

Various customized Installation options

Low power consumption

“Sleep Mode” during periods of low occupancy

Low supply voltage

Automatic illumination control on all visual displays

Our partnerships and reputation in the industry

Its supplied and supported by GS International.


GS is a famous Brand. This means you can leverage the commonality of your report data into single platform reporting of people and traffic movements. In addition you can use your people data to drive your parking guidance system by driving vehicles to entrances that need more foot traffic. This also creates a single contact point for support and installation queries, simplifying management and reducing overheads further.


GS Parking Guidance System Installation Images

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