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Metal Detectors Important
Oct 12, 2016

Metal detectors can detect not only arms can also detect coins, keys and other metal objects.

In field archaeology, most of the exhibits are made of metal, such as fire bullets, cartridges, bullets, artillery shells, shrapnel and the sword, specific evidence that is depending on the historical period of the battle took place. Thus, archaeologists in the field the most important tool is a simple metal detector.

Metal detectors are increasingly being used to help surface penetrating radar (SPR, Surface Penetrating Radar) and other ground-penetrating radar system. Originally from the United Kingdom (Britain) developed by SPR system, used to detect plastic mines can locate exception objects 30 meters below the surface. The system also provides a series of clues to help users identify yet not out of evidence.

But even where the metal artifacts were found, is only half the battle. Sometimes, metal artifacts, only half of its original appearance. The mid 90, Mann Portsmouth battle (Battle of Monmouth) analysis process, the United States archaeologists have discovered a number of surface patches of fire bullet head was crushed as thin as chewing gum. In order to determine the size, a man named Dan. Siweiliqi (Dan Sivilich), engineer-turned-archaeologist has invented a formula, this formula will be combined with the physics and chemistry, is used to calculate fire any non-spherical shot the original diameter of the head. It (rightly) called "siweiliqi formula" (Sivilich Formula), for field archaeology throughout the world today are used every day.

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