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Metal Detector
Oct 12, 2016

Metal detector has three main categories: electromagnetic induction-type, x-ray detector, microwave detector, electronic device is used to detect metal, can be used in a variety of fields.

In military Shang, metal detector can for detection metal mines; in security field, can detection carry carry or hidden of weapons and modus operandi tool; in archaeological aspects, can detection buried metal items of Tomb Raider, found Tomb Raider in the of treasures and jewelry or other metal products; in engineering in the, can for detection underground metal laid real, for example pipeline, and pipeline,; in mineral exploration in the, can used to detection and found natural gold particles; industrial Shang, can for online monitoring, as removed cotton, coal, food in the of metal debris,. [1-2] the metal detectors can also serve as a youth of national defense education and science activities, may also provide recreational and fun toys, especially in recent years, Europe and the United States has a personal interest such widespread popularity of metal detectors, metal detecting activities became part of outdoor sports.

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