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ITMS Principle
Oct 12, 2016

ITMS's English name was Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometry, where I is the ion t capture; m drift; s MS, Chinese translation for ion trapping drifting mass spectrometry

Principle of work is: by the method of vacuum or wipe, trace amounts of explosives ingredients collected in the explosives detectors are portal, after through heating gasification, combined with special chemicals, trace amounts of radioactive sources, chemical-ionization reactions. After ionizing charged sample molecules into ionized through ionization field behind the door, which accelerate the drift to the sample collector's target, and record flight time of ions in an electric field. Because different substances their ionizing charged different characteristics, different molecular weight, so they target at different times, according to the ion flight time records to determine the composition of substances.

T (TRAP), that captured ion detection technology, for Ion Track Instruments Company of patent technology, in design Shang it increased has a can high-speed opened of ionization door, makes ion a beam a beam of into farm, and respectively on they of flight for records, computer will these records for logic overlay, to elimination records process in the of noise, increased effective signal of correctness, to significantly of increased has sensitivity, reduced has errors reported rate.

Another patented technology of the explosives detector is over the front of the instrument, thus adding a semi-permeable membrane, it can effectively block the interference of impurities on the instruments in the external environment, only needed substances, thereby reducing the instrument's false positive rate and shorten its cleaning time, effectively reduces the consumption of impurity suppressors. Semipermeable membranes simultaneously on the front end can also play a useful substance adsorption and aggregation, which also increases the sensitivity of the instrument.

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