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Customs & Borders Security Solution


From vehicles, Cargo, explosives to drugs and other potential hazards,Our X-ray security screening

& Perimeter protection(automatic bollards & road blockers)technologies offer an accurate, sensitive

approach to finding concealed contraband and threat substances, even in solidly packed freight.

Customs and boarders have always been key roles in global economy chain with large quantities of 

goods circulating from one to another. As the trade volume grows, to inspect the contrabands or 

hazardous goods hidden in the cargos has consistently puzzling the security department.

Understanding the meaning of fighting against smuggling and seizing hazardous goods toward 

legitimate trade protection, revenue increases and national security defense, GS takes it as 

mission, and is committed to providing the best solutions, the most advanced products and the 

most qualified service and maintenance to our customers. 

We rovides the widest range of vehicle/container inspection products which includes but not limited

to: the fixed type, re-locatable type, mobile type, and the fast-scan-type. 

GS’s large scale products are equipped with advanced technologies like radiation imaging which is 

distinguished by strong penetrating power and clear images. In using our products, the operating 

way of on-site work has made qualitative leaps. The Customs clearance has been sped up, and we have

helped to build a defense of anti-smuggling and hazardous article prevention for the nation’s 

ports and harbors.

We offers X-ray Security solutions and perimeter protection technology to meet the customers 

requests at any hot point in the national border security.

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