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Aviation Checkpoint Solutions

As security requirements and concerns continue to evolve and become increasingly complex, airports 

worldwide need to keep pace by protecting passengers and commerce without impeding their movement. 

This requires high-throughput systems that are designed to keep pace with busy checkpoints.

GS understands the meaning of fighting against carrying contrabands and hazardous goods in civil 

aviation toward national security defense, and takes it as mission. As one of the major suppliers 

of security products for civil aviation, GS’s products have been installed in more than 150 key 

airports, and GS is committed to providing the best civil aviation solutions, the most advanced 

products and the most qualified service to our customers. Nowadays, GS’s security products have 

gradually winning approvals from international high-end customers.

GS’s X-ray inspection system adopts the world leading X-ray imaging technology and is 

characterized as having strong penetrating power, delivering clear images and a high passing rate. 

Our explosives and narcotics trace detector employs the most reliable and effective Ion Mobility 

Spectrometer technology to identify the kinds of narcotics and explosives quickly. Besides, the

X-ray baggage inspection system uses our unique dual-energy spiral tomography technology which 

produces high resolution dual-energy scan images; its integrated scan imaging system is capable of 

automatic explosives locating, and all its spacial resolution, detection rate and false alarm rate 

do not only meet, but also above the requirements of CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China).

GS provides integrated airport security check solution including: passengers and carry-on luggage 

inspection system, checked-in luggage inspection system, air cargo/parcel inspection system, 

enclosure gateway security inspection system and etc. The solution is an integrated use of the 

existing resources in airports, which is based on all kinds of security equipment, and supported 

by information network technologies; it is also a solution with which the quality and efficiency 

of the checking process are to be enhanced. The operation way of on-site civil aviation security 

check has made qualitative leaps in using our products. The Customs clearance has been sped up, 

and we have also contributed in building the last defense for civil aviation.

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